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Readers respond

"Since delegating the tasks I do not like to do and am not good at, I find I have more energy and passion while in front of my clients--something they do notice. And referrals are up as a result."

"By incorporating Jim's Selling Process into my presentations, I now have to meet with fewer potential clients to get the same or more to come onboard with me because of my increased close ratio."

"It is amazing how I knew so many of the things I was suppose to be doing but this program of setting up disciplines and habits created consistency in the prospecting and operations part of my business. I never thought prospecting could be so easy."

The Real Estate Agent Redefined

Included with your registration (a $25 valule!), this practical guide to running a successful real estate practice helps you navigate a world of evolving technology and changing consumer expectations.

Readers will learn--
  • How to set up daily operations to increase sales and maximize productivity
  • How to build a referral-based business from the ground up
  • How to maintain communication with the next generation of home buyers
  • Presentation skills you must have to sell in today's market
  • Marketing strategies for a referral-based real estate business
  • Online tools for taking advantage of free sales and marketing resources
  • Inside secrets to successful open houses
  • The keys to financial management for real estate startups