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New and exciting topics from Real Estate Redefined

  • Business planning and goal setting
  • Buyer/Seller representation
  • Setting up systems for efficient and effective operations
  • Financial management
  • Incorporating a Selling Process into your presentations
  • Branding and point-of-differentiation marketing
  • Client satisfaction and retention

The Real Estate Agent Redefined is based on the popular training sessions that have changed the way thousands of sales people have grown their referral-based businesses.
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Jim Jaeckels consistently ranks in the top one percent of all real estate agents in the industry and is a perennial winner of the Twin Cities Super Agent Award for customer satisfaction.

A real estate curriculum for agents who really want to build a sustainable business.

Real Estate Redefined is about learning to master the business essentials to grow a sustainable real estate business in one of the toughest--and most promising--business environments the industry has seen in decades. Real Estate Redefined is your resource for strategies that can redefine your business and your future.

The challenges that drive agents away:

  • Technology that never stops evolving.
  • Over-demanding consumers.
  • An unpredictable business landscape.
Agents must pay attention to the fundamentals of sound, sustainable business practices to take advantage of the opportunities and sidestep the challenges that swallow the unprepared.